Artisanal Scottish Spirits

Award winning Gin & Vodka from Arbikie, Scotland



Australian Wines

From table wines to specialist fruit wines, we have something to satisfy every palate and suit every pocket

          Reds           WhiteWineWhites


Australian Fortified Wines

Port wines from the Berry Farm , Margaret River, Western Australia



Australian Beers / Ciders

  Coopers, James Boags, Tennents… ice cold beer - perfect for our hot weather!



Pure Juices / Non Alcoholic Drinks

As pure as a juice can get - no sugar, preservatives, artificial colours or flavours.



Premium Teas / Coffee Beans / Drinking Chocolate

Quality coffee beans, teabags & drinking chocolate from Australia's leading packers, Elmstock Tea, the Genovese Coffee Company & Fraus Australia.



100% Natural Alkaline Drinking Water

100% natural alkaline water drawn from a pristine limestone filtered aquifer on South Australia’s Yorke Peninsula. Rainwater gradually seeps through a layer of thick black limestone on its way to the aquifer (17 – 38 metres below the surface). It takes some 12-14 months for the plentiful annual rainfall to seep through the black limestone. This natural filtration is how PH8 gathers its unique properties and incredibly smooth taste.

PH8 InforLabel

100% from Mother Nature!