Fresh Scottish Salmon


Fresh Whole Scottish Salmon

Airflown Jet Fresh from Scotland

We import Fresh Whole Scottish Salmon every month. Our Gourmets Choice Salmon come from fresh, fast-flowing waters and are fed on a natural diet that reflects their choice in the wild, resulting in a better texture and taste. We work with quality suppliers, whom are monitored by the RSPCA and who hold Freedom Foods accreditation for care of their salmon where no artificial chemicals or preservatives are used in any way.

Based in the small fishing village of Portsoy in the North-East of Scotland, Sutherlands have been producing and supplying an extensive range of salmon and smoked fish to the local area and beyond for over 100 years, during which their range has gained a first class reputation for stunning taste & quality seafood second to none.

These fish are harvested from sustainable fish farms in the cold, deep, pristine sea-lochs & wild ocean off Scotland’s rugged coast & are proudly imported by Oh Deli for your dining pleasure.

Orders are for whole fish only. Each salmon weighs approximately 5kg. We will cut, fillet & pack to your specifications. All salmon received is sashimi grade & arrives super fresh so can be frozen.

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