Imported jet fresh into Singapore on an almost daily basis, our grass fed beef cattle are bred and raised in the natural clean and open environment of the lush, rolling foothills of the Darling Range in Western Australia. All beef marketed as grass fed is raised solely on pasture throughout & never step foot inside a feedlot. With our grain fed range of beef the cattle are finished on a specially formulated diet of Western Australian grains for between 80 - 200 days. All beef imported & sold by Oh Deli is free from artificial additives, growth hormones, steroids or antibiotics.

We have a full range of cuts available right from the most popular frying cuts through to some lesser known secondary cuts, something to please every event or budget.The succulent flavours and tenderness of our Angus beef will deliver the ultimate eating experience to discerning customers wanting marble score & tenderness guaranteed, while our grass fed & grain fed ranges are top grade that will satisfy the most discerning beef lovers out there. We also stock certain cuts of Margaret River Premium Meats Export wagyu beef in limited quantites.

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