Cheeeepp Cheeeepp!

Chilled Chicken from Kee Song farms in Malaysia

Because we are what we eat, we've taken every measure to ensure that the food we put on your table is good and healthy. That's why we selectively source from companies who understand that how livestock is reared has an impact on consumers’ health and lives – now and in the future. For this reason, we choose to stock only Kee Song brand of barn raised chicken.

Delivered daily, this chicken is sweet, succulent and tender as well as being healthy, safe, environmentally friendly & sustainable. Read below an excerpt from our suppliers website regarding additives & farming methods

*Chickens are reared in a modernised and environmentally friendly farm. Without using antibiotics and growth hormones, they are reared using advanced farming technology and lactobacillus to enhance their immune systems naturally. Reared in a temperature-controlled, hygienic environment with more than sufficient space for them to move, resulting the chicken meat to be more tender, juicy and delicious*

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