Christmas Roast Packages

  • All items are Raw (uncooked) and require cooking before consumption.
  • Cooking instructions will be provided.
  • Weights shown are measured before thawing.
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  1. Roast Vegetables - 1kg Pack (Code: 1529)

    Roast Vegetables - 1kg Pack (Code: 1529)

    Chopped, peeled, washed & seasoned, oven ready Australian vegetables for oven roasting.

    Seasonal vegetables such as potato, pumpkin, onion, brussel sprouts, beetroot, parsnips & others seasoned with sea salt, black pepper, garlic, herbs & EVOO, all prepared freshly in store at Oh Deli.

    Simply bake @180C for 1 hour

  2. Edible Flowers in glass jar (8g)

    Edible Flowers in glass jar (8g)

    A super selection of seasonal, colourful edible flowers. Perfect for that special occasion, sprinkling on salads, serving on canapés, decorating cakes and floating on drinks.

  3. Grass Fed Beef OP Rib (Ribeye On the Bone)

    Grass Fed Beef OP Rib (Ribeye On the Bone)

    Highly graded Australian beef ribeye on the bone from 100% grass fed, pasture reared cattle. OP rib has all the flavour of the other rib eyes but it has the advantage of the flavour of the marrow of the bones through the finished product. This is one seriously impressive cut of beef. 1 rib feeds 2 - 3 adults.

    Note: Beef is delivered Raw & Ready to Roast.


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3 Item(s)