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Marget River Wagyu Beef is typically highly marbled, full flavoured with relatively low levels of saturated fats &cholesterol, compared to other beef breeds. The unique flavour and marbling of Wagyu beef is the attribute which sets this product apart from other beef products available and has led to its widely acclaimed status as the best beef in the world.

Guranteed Free of Hormonal Growth Promotants (HGP), Margaret River Wagyu Beef is a naturally healthy choice. Your best choice for quality beef!

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  1. Wagyu Shabu Shabu 300g (Code:7)

    Wagyu Shabu Shabu 300g (Code:7)

    Thinly sliced Karubi plate cut from our air flown Australian Wagyu beef. This beef comes with a marble score of 5/6, perfect for adding extra taste to your steamboat

    *Frozen using our fresh chilled meat

    S$60.00 S$48.00

1 Item(s)