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  1. PH8 - 100% Natural  Alkaline Water **NEW**

    PH8 - 100% Natural Alkaline Water **NEW**

    PH8 - 100% Natural Alkaline Water from Mother Nature

    • 100% natural alkaline water drawn from a pristine limestone filtered aquifer on South Australia’s Yorke Peninsula. Rainwater gradually seeps through a layer of thick black limestone on its way to the aquifer (17 – 38 metres below the surface). It takes some 12-14 months for the plentiful annual rainfall to seep through the black limestone. This natural filtration is how PH8 gathers its unique properties and incredibly smooth taste.
    • Bottled at source with a high pH of 8.
    • Rich in naturally occurring minerals including calcium, magnesium, potassium, bicarbonate, silica and selenium.
    • PH8 Natural Alkaline Water won Gold at 5th China International High-End Water Industry Expo. Click here
    • Check out the positive review from Martin Riese, the Water Sommelier. Click here to watch

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