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At the heart of Manjimup’s famed Seven Day Road is the home of Western Australia’s first truffière, The Truffle & Wine Co.. Established in 1997, surrounded by vineyards, orchards and majestic rolling hills this estate produces rare and delicious black Perigord truffles and award-winning truffle products. These world-class truffle products are the result of soil, climate, farm management, passion and an overall philosophy of excellence.

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  1. Truffle Hill Truflle Oil

    Truffle Hill Truflle Oil

    A touch of truffle oil can turn the ordinary into something exceptional!! It is generally best to finish or garnish the dish with the oil at the last minute to capture its delightful flavour and fragrance. It is versatile, affordable and a little goes a long way.

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  2. Truffle Infused Natural Australian Sea Salt Flakes 60g

    Truffle Infused Natural Australian Sea Salt Flakes 60g

    The ultimate way to enjoy truffles, this blend of ground black truffle and sea salt is irresistible in the kitchen. Try over cooked egg dishes, tossed in pasta, on pâté or foie gras, or sprinkled on buttered popcorn, a ‘special occasion” condiment!

  3. Truffle Hill Truffle Mustard 110g

    Truffle Hill Truffle Mustard 110g

    The flavours of traditional Dijon mustard unite with black truffle to create a one-of-a-kind taste. Try Truffle Mustard with your next sandwich, salad or BBQ gourmet sausage and see what we mean. Outstanding!


3 Item(s)